SONOMA RANCH ownership program

Sonoma Ranch was developed as a fractional ownership club.  Completed in 2018, equity shares were sold in three phases beginning in 2015.  A final phase of sales began in 2018.

Owners are entitled to 4 weeks or 8 weeks of exclusive annual use, and may swap time with other owners, provide the time to family or friends, or enter all or portions of the time into the Sonoma Ranch Vacation Rental Program.

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"I'm a Sonoma Ranch owner because it is the best vacation home value in California wine country."  

Dr. Rakesh Donthineni, San Francisco, CA

Owner since 2015

  • 1/6 and 1/12 equity ownership
  • Entitles owners to 4 weeks or 8 weeks annual use
  • Limited shares available
  • Professionally managed
  • Equity includes shared ownership of
    • land and vineyard
    • residence and amenities
  • Also includes wine locker to store and showcase collections


Brad Cameron

P. 202-422-4999